Orthotic Friendly

Orthotic Friendly Cross Training Shoes

What does orthotic friendly mean?  It means shoes that will comfortably fit your orthotic.  How do shoes accomplish this?  Shoes are deemed orthotic friendly if they have one of two traits.  One: the shoe has good depth to it and two (preferrably) the shoe features a removable insole.  By removing the insole that will allow the orthotic to fit snuggly into the shoe.  Below I have listed Orthotic Friendly Cross Training Shoes:

ASICs Gel Craze Cross Training Shoe TR–  Guess what these ASICs feature? Yes, a removable insole. Also this shoe has depth to comfortably fit an insole as well.

Puma Cell Surin Cross Training Shoe-Again with that removable insole

New Balance WX626v3 Casual Comfort Training Shoe– The point is there are plenty of cross training sneakers with removable insoles.  If you have orthotics there is no reason to not purchase a cross training shoe with removable insoles.