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Walking is probably the easiest way to get a good workout. Using the proper footwear is key to achieving the best results. We will show you our top recommendations.


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Welcome to the heartbeat of the site! This section will include information for patients about treatments and symptoms that commonly occur in the foot. It will also provide valuable recommendations on the best footwear for any foot issues you are dealing with.

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If you are suffering from any type of foot ailment such as heel pain, corns, callouses, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, ingrown toenails , etc.,  you will be able to find valuable information on our site to help with your situation.  If you have any questions about any of the treatments suggested  or any of the products offered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any over the counter orthotic should be able to last and be effective for at least a minimum of on year. A proper fit is crucial to obtaining the best results.
Can High Heels cause Bunions?
They do not. There was recently a large study in the UK of over 1,000 people and they determined that high heels do not cause bunions.
Football Cleats for Bunion Sufferers
Finding the correct cleats when you suffer from painful bunions can be difficult. You should look for a cleat with a large toe box as well as having the necessary width to accommodate the bunion.
Do cortisone shots help Hallux Rigidus?
While this seems like a good idea, and you have probably have a "friend" that recommends it, it really is a waste of time. It might relive your pain for a week or so but eventually the pain will return. Also, the cortisone degrades the joint which, in the long run, can exacerbate Hallux Rigidus.
Can you get Disability for Bunions?
The answer is NO; you cannot get long term disability for bunions because there is a very common surgery that can be performed that will take care of the bunions and make them no longer present.