Eco Friendly

List of Eco Friendly Clogs

I tried to gather a list of all the eco friendly clogs.  I characteized a clog as eco friendly if it was made from recycled materials. Some clogs are made from more recycled materials than others.  I give a break down as well.

Now a list of environmentally friendly or eco friendly Clogs:

Patagonia Addie Clogs– In this clog the entire footbed is made from recycled polyurethana

El Naturalista YGGdrassil–  This clog uses leftover rubber which would normally be natural waste for the sole, as well as insoles from a recycled carbon compound.  There are a couple of versions of eco friendly clogs put out by El Naturalista listed below:

Acorn Earthroamer Clog–  This clog has recycled PET in it, however it is vague to the percentages