How much do Podiatrists charge to trim to toenails?

A very common question asked is how much do Podiatrists charge to cut or trim toenails.  Now in many cases it is actually covered by insurance to have your toenails trimmed.  If you are diabetic in most cases Medicaid Medicare and private insurance will pay for you to visit a Podiatrist for a toenail trimming every couple of months.  However, there are some cases where insurance will not cover it and very often if you do not have a coexisting morbidity such as Diabetes, your insurance will not cover your toenail trimming.

Now remember, your first visit can be covered to see a Podiatrist for a toenail trimming as the Podiatrist can bill you for an initial visit which most insurances will cover.  That is best method and then simply ask the Podiatrist if you are covered for toenail cutting.  If you are not, then simply ask how much the Podiatrist charges for it.  Most Podiatrists will charge you, if you pay out of pocket, 50 dollars or less.  Do not be afraid to call other Podiatrist to get price quotes. If you are paying cash you should be able to find a Podiatrist to do it for less than 50 dollars.

If your problem is thick fungal toenails consider purchasing a toenail cutter capable of cutting those toenails for cheap from Amazon:

So, in review, call different Podiatrists in the area. Explain that you are paying cash and ask how much they charge.  Chances are you will find one for less than 50 dollars.