How much do Podiatrist charge for ingrown toenail removal?

Ingrown toenails are painful and the best treatment for ingrown toenails is to have them removed by a Podiatrist.  But, a common concern for this procedure is how much will I have to pay to have an ingrown toenail removed?

The average cost of ingrown toenail removal is $192, however that price tends to include the office visit.  The procedure itself is usually only charged for $125.  If you are looking for a way to lower the cost of ingrown toenail removal call all the Podiatrists in a fifteen minute radius in your area, and point blank ask them how much they charge.  Explain that you will be paying up front, if you are paying cash tell the podiatrist that as well.  Generally, you should be able to find a Podiatrist that will remove your ingrown toenail for $100 and in some cases as low as $50, especially if you mention you are paying cash.

Another way to lower the cost is do not go to your follow up appointment;cancel it. Most ingrown toenail surgery is straight forward without complications.  If the podiatrist appoints you at ten days he will charge you for the office visit, which will be another $45 or so.  If the Podiatrist appoints you in a week, most likely he will not charge you for the office visit.  Here is a video on post operative instructions after ingrown toenail surgery:

If you are considering having the chemical or permanent procedure done, here is a good video explaining the ins and outs of the permanet ingrown toenail procedure.

Permanent ingrown toenail removal can be more expensive, as much as $300 to $400.  Again if you have a high deductible or have no insurance call all the Podiatrists in the area and state you are paying up front.  You will probably be able to find a Podiatrist who will only charge you $100.

Here is a nice article that explains ingrown toenail treatments for further information: