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Do Cortisone shots help with Bunion Pain?

A bunion is a painful deformity located at the big toe joint. It results in the misalignment of toes. There are multiple  treatments for bunions.

A common question, or treatment solicited is a cortisone shot for bunion pain. Do steroid shots help for bunion pain? The answer is No and Yes. Cortisone shots will only provide a temporary relief from the pain. The chronic discomfort you feel with the bunion will still be present. However, Cortisone shots do have a role in bunion treatment. If you have a bunion that recently became acutely painful because you bumped it or wore the wrong shoes, in that case a cortisone shot may be beneficial to help you deal with the pain. The cortisone shot will decrease the inflammation within the bursa of the bunion providing immediate relief to the bunion sufferer. The relief, however, will not be long lasting and will subside after a couple of weeks

The problem with cortisone shots is that every shot damages the big toe joint as the steroid precipitates within the joint leading to the degradation of cartilage. So, a person should not have any more than three steroid shots in their bunion over the course of a lifetime. Any more will lead to further and more difficult issues with the bunion. So the role of cortisone shots in the treamtents of bunions is extremely limited.