General Questions

Do Cortisone shots help Hallux Rigidus or Hallux Limitus?

Hallux Rigidus or Limitus are essentially the same condition.  They are the result of arthritic changes taking place in the joint which limit the motion in the big toe joint and cause pain during range of motion.  There are a myriad of treatments for hallux limitus or rigidus running from cortisone shots to orthotics.

But the question commonly asked is do cortisone shots actually help with hallux limitus or rigidus.  And the answer is yes, they can help with pain at first.  But eventually the shot will wear off. Whether it wears off in a day or a couple of weeks you will be back to square one.  The fact is a cortisone shot does nothing to address the underlying issues that cause and perpetuate hallux limitus or rigidus.  In fact, they can actually contribute to an acceleration in the cartilage of the big toe joint.  You are better off trying orthotics or opting for surgery. There are minimal benefits from a cortisone shot for hallux rigidus other than instant relief.