Best Socks for Flat Feet ranked by a Podiatrist

Flat feet is a common condition that effects many Americans.  There are many treatments for Flat feet ranging from orthotics, to braces, to quality shoes.  But there are actually socks that you can purchase that can help with flat feet.  A typical Sock that helps with flat feet is a sock that provides its own arch support.  Rarely can you find these socks in stores but they do exist.  Below I have tried ranking what I think are the best Socks for People with Flat feet:

Saucony Arch Stripe No Show Socks–  These socks stand out in that they have a band that goes around the arch providing arch support right in the arch.  This unique design makes them no show as well. In other words no one will be able to tell you are wearing a sock to help with your flat feet.  These socks have been engineered for arch stability, so if the cause of your flat feet is overpronation these may be the socks that are ideal for you.

Cambivo Foot and Arch Support Sock–  Here is a sock that provides arch support that a man can wear in the office.  It provides arch support by having a band of spandex that is sewn within the sock to provide arch support.

Saucony Arch Support Stripe socks– One thing I like about these socks for when you have flat feet is they are designed by Saucony, which is a shoe company, so they tend to know a lot about what feet need as far as arch support. Additionally, these socks also provide a great deal of arch support as they are built up in the arch area.