Best Braces for Cross Country runners with Shin Splints

Being a Cross country runner is going to leave you very susceptible to shin splints. Shin Splints strike cross country runners more than any athlete. Why? Well because you run the most. The constant stress placed on the Tibia can result in the creation of shin splints that can cause constant pain and discomfort when running. Now one of the best treatments for shin splints is to take a break from running (lets be honest). However, in many cases, when it comes to cross country runners it is not possible for them take a break from running. The season is only two to three months long. A break can bring an end to the season.

So how does a cross country runner deal with shin splints during the season? While one way is to stretch regularly before and after running. Heck, stretch in the halls at school. But one of the easier ways to deal with shin splints is to wear a brace while you are running. There are many braces on the market but what are the best for cross country runners?

What are we looking for in a shin splint is we want one that wraps a good portion of the leg because we want as much compression over as large an area as possible to help reduce discomfort. Take a look at this brace here. Notice how it almost enwraps the whole leg while also maintaining a sleek design.

Now if you are worried about that one being too sleek and not providing enough support take a look at this brace which provides a fairly large amount of support. In fact, if you are suffering from severe shin splints this is probably the ideal brace for you to be wearing.

Now if your shin splints are not as severe but just minor and you do not want to wear anything too bulky this could be the brace that might be worth trying, as this one is very sleek and not heavy at all.