Best Cannabis treatments for Bunions

A lot has been written about the medical benefits for Cannabis or Medical Marajuana.    Now I know a lot of people out there are wondering if Cannabis can help with their bunion pain.   Well one thing Cannabis or Marajuana can not do is make your bunion go away. Only surgery can do that.  But what Cannabis can do is lesson the pain.  Now can you smoke it and reduce the pain. Yes, that is an option, but not very realistic since your bunion is always present and you can not use Cannabis 4 times a day just for bunion pain.  However, there are some options I can recommend:

Organic Hemp Pain Relief Cream-  I like this cream for the simple issue of its high absorption rate. When you are looking for a hemp or Cannabis treatment that comes in a cream or lotion you really want a strong absorption rate so it can get under the skin and reduce the inflammation within the bunion.


Cannabis Hemp Seed Oil Cream Transdermal- Again we have a cream with a high absorption rate, and they really focused on the transdermal absorption with this. One other point about this  cream is that it was designed specifically to attack joint stiffness, so if you are having an issue with joint stiffness, this is the cream I would probably use.

Hemp Pain Relief Cream- This cream is ideal because it was specifically created to attack arthritis and a lot of bunions devolve into having serious arthritis. I would take a long look at this cream as an option if you are suffering from bunions.